Collect them all!



Wolf is lone and aloof but also gritty and has an enormous charisma! It a little rebel, but the occasion is loyal and is fighting for his friends and deep down, but do not tell it all around, it is also a softie…


Bat is a disaster! He's clumsy and he make a lot of mess… and after he fly away when the trouble arrive. He's always in funny situation. But don't let him know that he isn't able to fly !


Boar is a real biker, remarkable and rustic in the worst possible way. He's always in the focus of attention but he don't like it, he break everything because he's bumbling. But he's also a good friend ready to get dirty it's fur to help his friends.


Well, Cat is a classic kitten. Naughty and mischievous, performs well only when it is cuddled, then you purring! be careful when the hair bristles…


Being a chick is a full-time job and Chick knows well, in fact peeping to no end until he gets what he wants. But he knows to reward his friends with sweetness.


Are you thinking that Dog is sleeping? It's not true, because he's all day calm and pageful. He don't care about all the mess that his friend does, he just need a warm kennel and a bone to crunch…


Fish is intelligent and thoughtful. Often tries to communicate to his friends Cupets, but also to take them off the hook being a fish just can not make yourself understood! What rotten luck, and think that would be the Cupet with more sense of all !


FROG always jumps into the picture when you never expect it and when you need it, it is always off doing something else ! She is a prankster and with that weird voice you can not laugh with her.


That fraudulent RAT! Spends all day thinking about what will be his next joke to others Cupets, and when he does, she laughs like a madman! His favourite target is Snake (but snakes do not eat rats?) That undergoes all its vexations.


Pig he's a friendly guy. He's always in a good mood also when things get wrong, he's always happy and positive. Nothing and no one disheartening him… except his biggest fear that terrifies him, diet: when in diet he transforms and becomes negative, pessimistic and even a little jinx, power to the sugar !


Poor Snake, the other Cupet tease him because he has no legs and Rat harass him with his jokes. He has a bad luck and, if something should go wrong, you can be sure that in the end Snake will suffer the consequences. But he is kind, understanding and never gets angry, thank goodness !


Turtle is inflexible and precise, a real military! Always commands all and is devastated when nobody listen. But he does it for the common good, in the end want to protect the whole family !