Collect them all!



Alpha is the rebellious lone wolf, he listens to no one and goes his own way but he is charismatic and loyal to his friends. What they don’t know is that he is actually a real softy at heart.


Radar is a flying disaster! His constant attempts to fly and his clumsiness leave a trail of destruction wherever he goes.


Bush is obsessed with his motorcycle and is always working on it. Sadly he just isn’t that good at driving and always crashes. Bush is a loyal friend and is always ready to get his fur dirty for his friends.


A typical kitten, Kit is mischievous but adorable. She just wants to be cuddled and won’t stop purring. Just be careful when her hair bristles!


Being a chick is a full‐time job and Tweet lets everyone know about it with all the noise. No one stays angry at her for long though, Tweet is just too sweet!


The most calm and relaxed of all the Cupets, Cup isn’t bothered by anything or anyone as long as he has his warm kennel and a juicy bone.


The cleverest of all the Cupets, Soup is always trying to help out with bright ideas. The only problem is no one can understand what she is saying.


Bubble is the prankster of the group, you never know when she will jump out to surprise the others. You can never find bubble when you need her!


A cheeky rat who loves practical jokes and Shorty is her favourite target. Zola can be heard laughing like a mad‐rat when a prank is successful.


A happy go lucky kind of guy, Gum is always positive when he is stuffed full of food. Don’t let him get hungry or he’ll transform into an unhappy, grumpy pig. POWER TO THE SUGAR!!!


Shorty has a tough life; she is the butt of all the jokes and gets all the bad luck. If anything is going to go wrong it will for Shorty, but don’t worry, she takes it all in her stride and is always happy and kind to her fellow Cupets.


Major Hardy is the bossy old boy soldier of the group. He is always trying to give commands to his fellow Cupets.